Do you find yourself saying, “there aren’t enough hours in the day?”  Let The Mindful Concierge, give you some hours back, to do the things you love.

The Mindful Concierge is also directing its energy and resources on enriching the lives of seniors by promoting wellness, independence and social interaction.

Let us help you with day to day errands, house cleaning, home organization, meal prep, laundry, party planning and much more. All of our services are designed to help busy people focus on what they value most and delegate the rest, to us. 



Grocery delivery

Daily errands

Seasonal maintenance 

Personal shopping

Community outings

And More…


Meal Prep

Grocery delivery

Daily errands

Laundry service

Home organization

And More…



Event Planning

Tent and chair rental

Holiday lighting & Decorating

Gift wrapping

Personal shopping (gifts, flowers, etc.)

Corporate Services

And More…


The Mindful Concierge was created to support the growing need from individuals and families in search for quality services. Today, The Mindful Concierge is proud to serve our clients with unparalleled service in every aspect of our operations. Recognized for timely, reliable, effective solutions, The Mindful Concierge gives individuals, families and corporations the benefits and advantages of on-site personal concierge services.

Rachelle is a kind, caring and thoughtful individual. I’m so happy for her to have started this business because for years she has been helping everyone around her, always going the extra mile to help her friends and family. When you hire The Mindful Concierge to help find time in your busy schedule you won’t be disappointed!

Julie G.

My wife and I have known the owner, Rachelle Girodat, and her family, for many years, so it made sense to us to contact her at The Mindful Concierge when we needed some assistance. We already knew Rachelle as a trustworthy and supportive person personally, but we quickly added to that list when we enlisted her professionally. She is efficient, prompt, reliable, and dependable. On a scale of one to five? We’d give the Mindful Concierge a six!

Ed C.

Rachelle assisted a man’s (@Helpburycancer) journey, from Windsor to Ottawa that required nightly lodging. She co-ordinated free rooms and meals along his journey, including a stay at the prestigious Langdon Hall. It provides her great joy, to help others.


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